Tips to Choose the Right Builder

So, you’ve decided to make changes to your home. This could be anything from a simple loft conversion to something more complex such as a house extension. The next step, once you’ve worked out your budget and when you want to start, will be to find a builder. A good builder who knows his trade and comes with the right amount of knowledge and expertise is worth his weight in gold, but the question is how do you find the right one? In today’s post, we go over some tips on choosing the right builder for you, making sure that the first one is the right one.

Not all builders are the same

We only have to turn on the TV and read a magazine to hear about some of the dodgy builders there are out there, leaving behind half-finished builds and leaving messy, poorly made constructions. It’s enough to fill you with worry, but keep in mind not all builders are like that, find the right one and you’ll soon have a new bedroom, bathroom or dining area and it’ll have been a worthwhile investment in time and money.

Family and friend’s recommendations

It’s great if you can get recommendations from family and friends in order to find someone reliable and qualified. You’ll be able to see their workmanship for yourself, and your friends will be able to tell you exactly what they were like to work with. If you’re in the unfortunate position of not knowing anyone who’s had building work done recently, then you may have to do your own research.

Quotes and that final 3

Check online and whittle it down to 3 of the best. Those last 3 should be the ones you get quotes from. Check out their reviews and testimonials to see how good they are before asking for their quotes if you like the look of them.

Trust, confidence and reliability

Meeting them in person is always a good idea, from here you can assess their communication skills and see whether you feel comfortable enough to have that person in your home. Having confidence in your builder is crucial, and trust is also important, without these two things you won’t feel able to fully trust your home to them. Keep in mind there’ll be times when they’re in your home and you’re not and you should be able to trust them enough to get on with it and deal with any unexpected event that can happen on a build.

Insurance and clearing up that mess

Finally, make sure you know which type of insurance they have in case your home is damaged during the work or if they go out of business. You also want to find out who cleans the mess up at the end. There’s nothing worse than finding pleasure in your new bathroom only to go outside and find a garden full of rubble. You may need a skip to get rid of it, so it’s worth finding out from the builder whether this is something they provide as part of the build, or whether it’s something you’re going to have to stump up for separately.

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