Add Value To Your Property With an Extension

If your home is bursting at the seams and you’re thinking of moving to a bigger property, think again. You may find that you can just as easily stay in your current home by simply adding an extension to it. What’s more, by adding an extension to your property, you’re also adding to its value. This is no bad thing, because not only will you save money on moving, you’ll also increase the value of your own property.

Can You Add Value to Your Property With an Extension?

You could convert your loft, the type of loft you have will largely depend on the type of property you own and how it was designed, but not only do you get a new bedroom/bathroom/games room, you get to significantly add financial value. Therefore, when you eventually decide to sell, anything you’ve spent, you’ll get back. Make sure you get someone you trust to create your loft extension, you want it to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home, and only a trustworthy, qualified and experienced builder can provide that.

How About a Conservatory?

Yes, you could have a conservatory as an extension on the back of your property. A conservatory can serve a variety of different purposes, usually used as an extra seating area, however your conservatory can also be turned into another dining area if you’re short on space, or another children’s play area. There is more cost involved with a conservatory but again it could add to the value of your property making it a worthwhile investment. Again, you need a good builder for your conservatory, if this is what you decide on, a badly built conservatory could bring down the value of your property and deter buyers. So be careful who you hire for your conservatory build.

Kitchen Refurbishment

You could convert your kitchen by refurbishing it and extending it, so you have more room. This could be by building an add-on or removing a wall in your kitchen so it extends into the living area, giving you more light and room. Something clean and modern with new fixtures and fittings could add a significant amount to the value of your home as well as making your kitchen area a little more bearable if it’s stuffed to the gills with people!

Updates to your kitchen should of course fit in with the rest of your home and add seamless changes that are an enhancement rather than an eyesore.

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