Designing a family friendly loft conversion

Looking to create a family friendly loft conversion? Well, we’ve put together some helpful tips which should help you create the perfect space for you and your family. We know that families are getting bigger and it’s often not simply a case of buying another house somewhere else. Moving can work out expensive, so converting your loft is by far the most convenient and cheapest option.

Stylish, practical, relaxing

You want it to be stylish obviously but at the same time you also want to make it a practical area in which to relax and be able to find your games, books, DVDs and anything else you might need. You could also add things like a window or a balcony even.

Books, cupboards and places to hang those special memories - safely

Bookshelves are a must if you’re using it as an area in which to relax and it’ll be the same even if it’s for the children. You’ll want more shelves and cupboards, and you’ll need to make sure they’re unable to keel over, especially if children are going to be using them.

Stairs. Get up and down safely

Stairs will be better if they’re wide enough to accommodate children and the elderly, the steeper they are, the more likely it is that someone will have an accident. Make sure they’re wide, safe and of course, child proof. You’ll have to make sure they offer an easy exit should there be a fire and that there are no obstacles.

Windows – let there be light, but always with curious children in mind

We mentioned windows earlier, and having one installed would be a good idea. What we’d also suggest is that again, you think about the safety aspect. You could add restrictors to any new windows so they won’t be able to open them.

Sound and warmth – stay warm, stay cool, keep the noise down.

Also, as well as the safety aspects, think about insulation from sound and the cold. You’ll need adequate insulation and this can be created with quality wall insulation. Also think about noise. If you insulate against sound your children can play as loudly as they like.

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