Considerations Before a Kitchen Renovation

If you’re going for the big kitchen renovation then there’ll be a few things to take into consideration first. You need to make sure you’ve planned it well first before you start anything else. There’s nothing worse than going full steam ahead only to realise some of the things you’ve decided on either don’t work, or your budget’s run out. You may also find that the things you’ve chosen for your kitchen simply don’t work due to size.

Think carefully about the following:


How do you like to use your kitchen?

If you like to socialise then why not figure this into your plans? You’ll need a breakfast or dining area where everyone can sit. Perhaps your kitchen is nothing more than an area where you and your family simply eat, cook and leave. Create a kitchen that works for you when you’re cooking, preparing food and make it fit around your family’s needs, especially at the busiest times when you’re all rushing around.

Are you short of storage space? 

Build that in to your fitted kitchen, perhaps you can add storage into a kitchen island, add more cupboards, be inventive, perhaps add a swing into a corner unit, or a cupboard where you can store stuff. How about an extra larder, or putting in some extra shelving?

Appliances, are you big on tech?

If you like your kitchen to have all the latest gadgets it won’t just be storage you need but the right number of sockets and space. Perhaps you’re after a ceramic hob or a newly designed oven which will fit into your kitchen. There’s no reason why you can’t have all of these things, but think about space, sockets and where the rest of the kitchen fits in with all of this.


There’s nothing that creates a mood better than lighting, because it helps with creating the right atmosphere, so choose your lighting carefully. In areas where you’re likely to spend the most time, such as cooking or sitting down and entertaining make sure there’s enough light, especially if it’s used as an area to work in. If you like to create mood around the dining area, if this is where you eat, then have some lighting installed with dimmers so you can lower the lights when needed.

The Best Builders In West Lothian

Of course we’re as renowned for our joiners in West Lothian as we are for our building, which means we are an all-round team of experts when it comes to creating a kitchen. If you’ve planned, cogitated and discussed your kitchen, and you now know exactly what it is you want, then why not give us a call here at JG Joiners & Builders, and we can sit down and discuss your ideas with you. We’re waiting to take your call.