How to Prepare For a House Extension

We’re going to be looking at how you can prepare for a house extension. As you will realise, a house extension is going to be extremely disruptive to everyday life. Naturally, you’re going to have something worthwhile at the end of it, but it’s important to make sure you’re well prepared first so you don’t have any nasty surprises once you’ve finished.

Rather than move on to a larger property, a lot of people are deciding to stay put and add space to their home instead. In the long-run, after an initial investment, it will save you money, and naturally, it will be less of a disruption for your family. You’ll need to plan it out carefully and you’ll have a few things to think through first.

Do you know what you want from a house extension?

It’s a good idea to decide on what it is you want. There’s no point going to your builders with a half-baked idea and then realising you haven’t thought it through carefully. Spend some valuable time working out what it is you want. Draw it on a blank piece of paper with a pencil if you think this gets your ideas across better. You’ll also need to think about the budget. What do you want to spend, how much can you afford to spend? Decide on a budget, then stick to it.

House Extension Architect

The next question is will you need an architect? This will depend on what you’re having done, more complex building work that requires changes to the outside of the house will need someone qualified to take it on. You’ll need someone with experience and who’s confident enough to do something that’s a little more sophisticated than usual.

Planning Permission

Will you need planning permission? This may be the case, again it will depend on what it is you’re having done to your house. Significant changes to your home, ones that will alter the outer appearance may need permission. If you’re going to be making changes which may potentially alter the view your neighbours have perhaps, or if your house extension touches on protected land, perhaps land that’s protected by a Trust, then you’ll need permission. Always check with planning permission and building regulations prior to doing anything, or you may be asked to take it down. If you’re not sure who to go to ask at your local council, they’ll be able to put you on to the appropriate person.


Always have a fund you can go to, extra money you can use if the work is more complex than you originally thought, or it runs into unforeseen problems. You don’t want to be caught without any money to deal with nasty surprises that may come up.

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