How to Minimise Disruption to Your Home During a House Extension

If you’re having a house extension, you’ll know that it is going to cause quite a bit of disruption. This means that your house could be thrown into chaos for a few weeks. You may have reached the point where you’ve come to accept this because it’s all part of the process. However, we believe there are ways to minimise the disruption to your home while all this work is going on.

Move Out

The most radical solution is to move out while the work is being carried out. There will naturally be a cost involved if you stay in a hotel or rent an apartment, however keep in mind the builders will be able to finish up quicker if they continue to do the work alone. You could pop in every now and again to check how the work is going.

Phasing The Work

If you don’t really like the idea of having to move out, then another solution could be to phase the project in such a way that you can live in one part of the house while the builders work on another. If you’re just having one part done, say for instance the kitchen, you could set up a microwave, kettle toaster, and even a sink somewhere else.

Talk To Your Neighbours

If you have neighbours, and unless you live on your own land some distance away from town life, you probably do, you’ll need to try and minimise the disruption for them as well as for yourself. Living next to a site where there’s lots of noise is stressful, so as well as letting your neighbours know the work is being done, you could ask your builders to take them into consideration. For instance, if you’ve have alleys, shared entrances or any communal areas, make sure the builders are aware of them and that they don’t block them. You could also introduce your neighbours to your builders, so they know who they are, rather than have the anxiety of strangers being in their proximity.

Clearing Up The Mess

You may be the one who has to clear up, so it’s better to make sure you do, especially outside. Good quality builders should always try to keep their work area tidy, but it’s only inevitable that there’ll be some mess so a quick sweep up and tidy at the end of each day will help. It will also be less of a mess for you to deal with at the end when the builders have finished the job.

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We always try to minimise disruption when we’re on a job creating a home extension, and we’ve certainly made a fair few over the years. If we carry out an extension on your home we’ll always make sure we communicate fully with you, the home owners, so you know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We want the building of your house extension to be as stress free as possible so if you hire us, you’ll have a far better experience. If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, give us a call, we’re always happy to help.