How to Plan For an Ensuite Bathroom Installation

If you’ve decided to have some work done on your bathroom you’re probably really excited about the prospect of having it completed. And who can blame you, after all a newly installed en-suite bathroom is not only the answer to too many people queuing to the bathroom each morning, it’s a beautiful addition to your home which could significantly add to the value of your property.

As experienced builders in West Lothian we believe it’s a good idea to plan in advance, so you know exactly what you want.

What Is Your Budget?

The best place to start is always with your budget, make sure you know exactly what you can afford. What you don’t want is to realise that you need ventilation that you hadn’t considered, or you haven’t figured in window coverage or tiling. There are extra things to consider with a new bathroom due to heat, moisture and the potential for dampness, it is therefore important you go over everything you’re going to need and figure it into your budget, that way there are no nasty surprises.

How Much Space Is There?

Space is something which requires a lot of thought. Where you place your fixtures for instance, this won’t always be entirely up to you as it will depend on the layout of the room and the plumbing. If you’re fighting for space within a small area, then you can choose more minimal enclosures for your showers and make everything fit in a more pleasing way without seeming cramped. Think about where the doors are going and how they will open and shut, so there’s enough room.


If there’s enough space, consider storage as this will give you less opportunity for clutter. Good storage is crucial to your en-suite bathroom, especially if it is on the small side. You should give some thought as to where you are going to place the storage, you could use a vanity unit and combine a sink with cupboard space, so rather than having a sink on its own, a vanity unit attached will give you extra storage without taking up much in the way of storage space.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our hints and tips on planning your en-suite bathroom. Here at JG Joiners and Builders, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and expertise developed over the years. If you decide you want an en-suite bathroom for you home, then get in touch and we can talk about what you want. We’re a friendly and communicative team, always with a big emphasis on customers service.