How to Plan for an Extension

Today we’re looking at house extensions and how you can plan it well enough to enjoy the transition from cramped space to room to move, with minimum chaos. Yes, there’ll be a certain degree of disruption, but forward planning will help you get through it in a way that makes it all less stressful and much more manageable.

Your reasons for wanting to move may centre around the fact you need extra space. It’ll certainly add value to your home in the long-term should you decide to sell in the future. It’ll also help you stay put in the one area that you love, rather than having to move to another town, and all the upheaval that comes with it.

How Much Can You Afford To Spend?

To help avoid cost creep, try sticking to a budget. Once you know what you have to spend you’ll have more idea of the type of extension you can afford. Try not to go over it as you could end up with half-finished work if you can’t finish paying for it. Sit down and decide on exactly what it is you want, and then decide how much you have to spend. You’ll need to include your builder’s, the cost of any planning application and architect’s fees, and you’ll need to factor in VAT so include the 20%.

The Next Question You’ll Need To Ask Is How Long It Will Take?

As you can imagine, house extensions take time, and you may have to factor in building regulations and planning permission, and these can take months to go through. You’ll need to be extremely patient and there’ll be some interruption and upheaval so keep that in mind. What time of year will you be having your extension? You’ll need to think about any planned holidays and family events you have arranged. Once you’ve found the best time in your calendar to start, book it and plan as far ahead as you can.

Planning Permission

We’ve already mentioned planning permission and how you’ll need to consider it depending on the type of extension you’ve decided on. Check with your local planning officer before starting anything.


We also mentioned architects, will you be needing one? It will depend on how complex the extension is and if you want a good job that won’t cause you problems later, then the consideration of an architect is a great idea. Major alterations will require planning permission and your application may require you to have included plans that have been commissioned by an architect.

Think About The Impact Your Extension Will Have on Your Neighbours

Consider your neighbours, because they will be on the receiving end of any noise and disruption too. If you’re making major change to your property, then let them know in advance. Could what you’re doing potentially damage their own property? If your plans are going to impact on your relationship with your neighbours, then it’s a good idea to tell them what’s going on and keep them informed every step of the way.

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Now we’ve covered some of the things you need to consider when planning a house extension, you may have more questions than you started with! If this is the case, then why not get in touch with us here at JG Joiners and Builders in West Lothian, we’re more than happy to help and we have lots of experience in building house extensions. Give us a call today.