Things to Consider When Planning a House Extension

Before going ahead with a house extension it’s a good idea to put together a brief that covers everything you need to consider before going ahead. Don’t spend too much time on specific ideas, simplify it and think about how you want to extend floor space or perhaps you need a bigger kitchen or bedroom. The best type of layout for your house extension may not look anything like you originally wanted it to be, or what you imagined it would be like.

What Materials Should You Use?

You may have to try and match materials so both parts, the old and new, match perfectly. You may find it hard to find materials that match, so what you could do is create a completely different sort of house extension, one that mixes contemporary with older styles.

Take a good look around your home, what parts of it aren’t being utilised effectively? You can convert existing space and use garage space too. You can take a large room and divide it into two, this could save you a lot of time and expense, so think about that before you go ahead with a full house extension.

House Extension Ceilings

Remember that the ceilings may not be something you need to worry about with regard to the Building Regulations, but you will have to consider the height, because there is a minimum height to think about. The height of any room within an extension should be around 2.1m from the floor to the ceiling. A sloping ceiling within a room means that half of the room should have at least a 2.1m floor to ceiling height.

House Extensions & Conservatories

If you want a conservatory as part of the house extension, then you will need to take the Building Regulations into consideration. A conservatory needs to be separate from the house and demarcated by separate exterior doors.

Talk to Your Local Building Office

Let them know what you’re doing, about how many doors and windows there’s going to be, and show them your calculations for the whole extension.

Size of Rooms

Think about the size of each room and how big they are. Who’s going to be occupying these rooms? You’ll need to make sure they’re big enough. They’ll also need external windows, the only time this won’t be necessary is if they’re either a study, a kitchen, dining room or bathroom.

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