Tips for Choosing a Builder

Choosing the wrong builders could be a stressful costly mistake, so it’s important to spend time choosing the right one. Here, in this post, we’re going to be giving you some helpful hints in order to help you choose the right builder.

We hope that with our guide, you’ll be able to successfully choose the right builder so you get a brilliant job done well.

It’s usually a good sign if you get your builders via recommendations and word of mouth, this is how a good builder gets his name out there, and if enough people are recommending him/her, then he/she must be good. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, about whether they’re a member of a trade, customer testimonials, their experience and ask for pictures. You should also ask for insurance papers; do they have public liability insurance?

If they do claim to be members of a trade association check this out. A poor builder may lie about membership, but any trade association will have a register of its members so take a look.

What’s covered in the quote?

Once you’ve got your shortlist of possible builders, you then want to shortlist them again to the final 3 and then ask each of them for a quote. Ask them to give you a breakdown of what their quote includes so there are no nasty surprises.

How do you pay your builder?

Once you’ve decided on which builders you’re going to go with, you need to ask them how they wish to be paid. Is it with a deposit, followed by a final payment once the job is complete, or is it by small instalments as each job is complete along the way?

JG Joiners & Builders – Builders West Lothian

We rely on customer recommendations here at JG Joiners & Builders, it’s a big part of how we get our work, if we do a good job, our customers recommend us on to new ones. We place great value on customer’s satisfaction and we like to make sure we do an excellent job each and every time.

We’d like to be on your shortlist of builders, so come in or call us and ask for our customer recommendations, testimonials and evidence of previous work. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to take our time and talk it through with you.