The Most Important Room In Your Home

We’re so accustomed to the front door and garden giving the right impression that it’s easy to forget the hallway. Yes, the door and garden are the first things people see when they enter your property, but once in the first impressions continue and give the visitor a brief nosegay of what lies within.

Let Your Hallway Be As Important and As Interesting As It Deserves To Be

What you should be aiming for is a hallway that takes over from where your front entrance left off and give your visitors a really good welcome. Yes, your hallway is the most important room in your home and could influence what people think of not just you, but the rest of your house. As successful Joiners in West Lothian we work on people’s hallways a lot, and sometimes all it takes is a couple of worthwhile changes before your hallway is looking so good you want to spend more time in it yourself!!

It Can Play an Important Role in Your Home

Yes, your hallway will give a glimpse to your guests of what lies beyond but it also has other roles to play too. With it being a gateway to the outdoors and the inner sanctum of your living area, your hallways help as a buffer to protect it from the cold in winter and heat in summer. It should have a strong enough flooring or carpet to withstand foot traffic and offer enough room to manoeuvre deliveries or furniture and pushchairs to be make it child friendly.

Let The Hallway Take Centre Stage

But your hallway isn’t just a portal to the inside of your home. It’s also a place where you can accentuate certain features, such as the staircase and also act as a hint of great things to come, perhaps the colour scheme starts here, leading to more daring accents later in the living room or kitchen. It can make an area of your home that’s often overlooked into a centrepiece. Here you can display paintings or photographs that reveal your personal tastes and intriguing glimpses into your personal life.

Light Up Your Hallway

Lighting can also make a dramatic difference too, if you have a hall that is narrow and dark why not create some clever lighting, you can create mood, drama and make the hallway seem much bigger than it is.

Let Your Hallway Be The Kind of Room You Want To Be In

Your hallway isn’t just a room that leads on to something more interesting, it can be the first course that stays in your memory long after you’ve moved on to the main (your living room). It’s a place where you can chat, spend time getting to know your hosts and relaxing in a well-lit room that’s full of atmosphere and charm. By making some subtle changes you could also add value to your property, so well worth the investment.

JG Joiners and Builders in West Lothian

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