House Extension vs Moving Home

If your home is becoming a nightmare because of lack of space for whatever reason, perhaps it’s time you considered moving, or should you? Have you factored in extending your property or converting part of your house? Today we’re talking about the house extensions vs moving to a new house.

Your home may have come to seem much smaller than it was once due to an increase in children, a new lodger, or you’ve decided to work from home and somewhere in your house is being used as a home office. If you’ve been using the kitchen table, you realise that your own office would be a much better option.

If you’ve been considering a move you’ll have to consider all the things that come with a big move, such as the location. How far will you have to move to find the ideal home? Depending on where you live, you may have to spend more on a property, especially if it also has to be larger, so factor in living expenses. If you are moving within London you could face spending more on a property and seeing an increase in living expenses. If you have children then you’ll need to think about schooling and moving away, depending on the distance, which could mean making new friends and adjusting to a new area.

So, if you are thinking of moving to a new house, then you’ll need to consider the costs, how attached you are to your current property, the cost of moving including either hiring a van or paying a removals firm.

If you feel you have too many memories in your current house you may think it’s better to just extend or convert a room you’re no longer using. Consider, that depending on what you do to your house, you’ll need to get planning permission and building regulations in certain circumstances, and there’ll also be costs. Depending on how complex the changes you require are, you may also need structural engineers and/or architects, and don’t forget the builders. There’ll be VAT of 20% on all construction.

There’ll be a certain degree of disruption too, what with the mess that a new build will cause, and the impact this will have on daily family life. A conversion should create less impact, although a basement or loft conversion will create more noise and disturbance than a garage.

You’ll need to way up the pros and cons of both and come to an informed decision. Once you do, you can start planning for the future whatever the costs or disruption either choice gives you.

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