Garage Conversion Tips

If you’re thinking of having a garage conversion carried out then it’s an exciting time ahead. You’ll be creating a new room that will perhaps accommodate a new family member, a space to relax or simply an extra dining area or bathroom. You may be supremely confident of what you’re doing, or you may be feeling slightly nervous at the prospect of all that mess and finding the right people to convert your garage space.

No planning permission but building regulation application

What you may not realise as you start out with your plans is that a garage conversion won’t always need planning permission, having said this, it’s always good to check the development rights before starting so you know you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t.

What you will need is to apply for a building regulation application before converting your garage. You’ll need to give detailed specifications about what’s going to be carried out and this should give you peace of mind.

There are other things you need to check too, and these can be broken up into the following sections:


You need to make sure your garage is weatherproof, there are several treatment options available and this could include using vapour permeable membranes or lightweight block work inner leaf. You can discuss this with your builder who will advice on the right course of action.

Wall Stability

This can be done in different ways, it’s important to get it right so it’s passed by a building control surveyor.


All walls must be insulated and also include the floor and roof. Your builder can help you choose the right insulation, they will know how to make sure it’s fitted tightly enough to be functional and which one is right for your conversion.


If you have windows, then they’ll have to have vents which open to 1/20th of the floor area. You’ll also need trickle vents so you have what’s known as background ventilation. You’ll need a window with a good, clear opening if you can only exit the conversion through another room. This means there’s better means of escape in an emergency.

Sound Insulation

You need to provide good sound insulation, and you may need to do more work on the existing walls as well as the new ones so they stop sound transmission.


All installations within your new garage conversion will need to comply with British Standards BS 7671. Your builder will need to know all about this and to be able to tell you more about this. If he outsources this to another contractor, a qualified electrician, make sure he’s suitably qualified and experienced enough to carry out this part of the work.

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