Garage Conversion Ideas

You may be running out of living space and up until now, you’ve only considered one option – moving to a new home. Perhaps you’ve even started looking at properties and you’ve been preparing your family for the inevitable disruption of moving. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You may be sitting on extra living space as we speak. If you look around and think about it, you’ll soon realise that you may have unoccupied space that could be put to better use.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s your garage that may provide the answer you’ve been looking for. If you want extra living space, if you’re looking to set up extra an room and a getaway space for you and your family to relax, then a garage conversion in West Lothian could provide the perfect answer.

You may already have an outline in your mind of how you’d like to convert your garage, but if you haven’t, then below are just a few ideas that could give you a head start.

Bedroom Garage Conversion

An extra bedroom is an excellent way of utilising your garage, it can be rented out to tenants to help create extra income, or you can use it as a bedroom for one of your children, a teenager perhaps, who’s craving some privacy.

Your new bedroom can be either en suite or not, an extra bathroom is optional, and dependent on how much room your garage can afford. It would definitely be something worth exploring if you have a tenant and you want to provide privacy for both you and your family by keeping bathroom facilities separate.

Bathroom Garage Conversion

An extra bathroom is an important addition if your family is growing. The garage is a great idea to use as a bathroom and it won’t cause anywhere near as much mess and inconvenience as you might imagine. If you hire responsible builders for the job, it could all be done quickly and conveniently, and a lot less bothersome than a complete move to another house in a different area.

Extra Living Room Garage Conversion

A new living room or lounge may be just the thing to brighten things up. You could create another room to give yourself some time out from the rest of the family for one of you, or you could have this as the living room to replace your current one, and turn the old one in to something else.

Dining Area Garage Conversion

A new dining area gives you ample opportunity to entertain friends and family, if your current dining area is too small. You could lay on bigger dinner parties for guests if you love to entertain, and that way you could use your old dining area for something else instead, utilising the extra space for a play area or TV corner.

Children's Playroom Garage Conversion

The garage could make a perfect playroom for your children, where they can relax and play with friends, brothers and sisters. It gives them some extra privacy away from parents, and you can make it extra safe, so that you know that, even if you’re not there, they’re playing safely.

Utility Room Garage Conversion

Extra utility space is always useful – it can be used to keep a large fridge, washing machine, and used as an extra laundry room. If you have a large family, extra space to keep laundry and food might be a real life saver.

Home Office/Study Area Garage Conversion

If you work from home, or you or one of your family are busy studying, then extra room to work in peace and quiet could be just what you’ve been looking for. Somewhere to work uninterrupted, so you can catch up on work and meet important deadlines.

Gym/Yoga/Exercise Area Garage Conversion

If you find that you’re just not making it to the gym, then creating your own could be a really good idea. You can create your very own home gym, complete with equipment, so you and your family can work out at leisure after a day at work.

Game Room and Home Theatre For The Family

What better way than to relax at night or at the weekend than with your very own cinema or games room? You can entertain yourself and your friends with films, pool, table tennis or any other games you can think of. Or you can create your own impressive gaming area complete with high tech equipment, so you can get rid of everyday stresses by playing games on your computer without interruption.

Whatever you decide to do with your garage conversion it doesn’t have to be as messy or as stressful as you think. We can talk to you about all the different things you need to consider, such as planning permissions and building regulations, and we can reassure you about anything you’re unsure about.

Get in touch with us here at JG Joiners and let us see how we can help make your garage conversion a success.