Move or Extend: The Benefits of a House Extension

Needing more space is a common reason why people move home. It could be that a baby is on the way, the homeowner wants some room to indulge their hobbies, or they want more space to relax and entertain. Homeowners often jump to the conclusion that moving is their only option. It doesn’t always occur that they could make use of the potential of their current home. Yet there are many reasons why house extensions in West Lothian are a much better choice than moving.

Save Money With House Extensions in West Lothian

Moving home is obviously a costly process. As well as hiring transport and buying boxes, there are a mountain of fees to deal with. Buying a bigger home will require a larger mortgage, meaning your financial burden will increase for the next few decades.

By comparison, extending your home is a much more cost effective solution. Extending a house is by no means cheap, however compared to the proportional amount you would be paying for an extra room or two on a new property it is much more affordable. Even when increasing your mortgage to pay for house extensions your payments will likely still be smaller than the increased premiums on a new home.

House Extensions Edinburgh: Stay In Your Community

Moving house is often a compromise. You are probably firmly rooted in your local area now; you have good neighbours and friends, you know where the most convenient places are to shop and enjoy yourself, and you may play a large role in your local community. Moving house can disrupt all of this, and you may find that you have to relocate a considerable way from your current home in order to find the spacious property you require.

House extensions West Lothian or house extensions Edinburgh, on the other hand, provide you with exactly what you need – more space – without forcing you to abandon the home and location that you love.

Personalise Your Home With A House Extension 

The chances are you are likely highly attached to your home. It is a shame to have to leave the place you love simply due to lack of space. House extensions give you to opportunity to make your home perfect for your new needs. It can easily grow with your family, and change to meet your requirements. By adding space you can put your own mark on your home. With a house extensions in West Lothian or Edinburgh, you create a comfortable and flexible environment for you and your family.

House Extensions in Edinburgh and West Lothian

House extensions in West Lothian and Edinburgh allow a much-loved family home to grow with your needs. You don’t have to abandon a property or location you love in order to get more space. People often worry that getting a house extension will be just as disruptive as moving, but by choosing the right builder, any inconvenience will be kept to a minimum. JG Joiners & Builders give you an active role in the design and planning process, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your extension.

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